Thursday, June 27, 2019

Do you remember @FrugalDougal's #pawpawty? @emmythecat

Purrr #pawpawty is why I got really interested in twitter! It was a pawty for animal charities and was the predecessor to pawties like #nipclub - in fact some #nipclub staff members - myself included - are old #pawpawty staff.

Please feel free to comment and correct me. I joined twitter in June, 2009 so I don't know details of who was in charge of what before that. @Fergusthedog, @brutusthedane and @snickthedog are names that come to mind but I'm not sure when they joined.

Screen Capture of #pawpawty Web Page on
Internet Wayback Machine.

#pawpawty supported many charities while in operation and provided over $50,000 in funding.

Screen Capture of #Pawpawty Beneficiaries

@FrugalDougal and @emmythecat held the very first PawPawty on 17th March, 2009. Theme was "St Paws" for St. Patrick’s day. At that first #PawPawty Dougal and Emmy raised $1071 US for a charity called Animals in Distress, part of @Romeothecat’s FurPower Challenge Programme.

Over time, the PawPawty organizers worked out how to make pawpawty like a real party, with Bartenders serving virtual drinks, DJs playing tunes to get everyone on the dance floor, QuizMasters who run the scavenger hunts and the Sekurity Team who kept partygoers safe - sometimes from themselves.

There was even a #PawPawty Store where anipals could get #PawPawty Merch for their humans, designed by @Javathecat and his team.

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